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Free personality test, type descriptions, ” He boasted that he was an INTJ (a rare MBTI profile most notably shared with Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, he confided) and was curious if I’d ever taken the test. Take our Personality Test and get a 'freakisy accurate' description of who you are and why you do things the way you do. Free. No registration required. “I was.

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INFJ personality type - Typelogic I could only give some half-baked combination of letters based on a shaky memory of undergrad psych but in retrospect, I should have really responded with STFU. The INFJ's thinking is introverted, turned toward the subject. Perhaps it is when the INFJ's thinking function is operative that he is most aloof.

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Portrait of an INFJ - The Personality Page We don’t all have a type, but a lot of us definitely do. Portrait of an INFJ - Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging Introverted Intuition with Extraverted Feeling The Protector. As an INFJ, your primary mode of living is.

What type of dating personality am i:

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